We know your taste

the tastiest gourmet products

We know your taste

the tastiest gourmet products

We know your taste

the tastiest gourmet products

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We know your taste

It takes great precision to create a memorable taste sensation. How do you help your customers get a taste of the seasons or of diverse international cultures? How do you recreate a grandmother’s stew to give that nostalgic feeling? How do you surprise your customers with a new flavour explosion?

Flavours do so much more than just stimulate the taste buds. They create the most delicious aromas and the right feeling.

With more than 30 years’ experience as a flavour creator in the food industry, we are always pleased to accompany you on your food journey.

We know your taste.

Producer, developer and advisor of flavorings

Apart from being a producer, we have taken the lead in the breadcrumb mix, herbs, spices, marinades, sauces, batters and coatings market as a developer and an advisor. We make your product taste even better. We do not only do this through our flavourings, but also through our knowledge and experience. Innovation and development are important components of our operations and we bring this about in various ways through our own R&D Department and in-house test kitchen.

We enjoy working with you on creating the right composition of ingredients and, if you wish, we can also advise you on the right preparation method on location. We work with wholesalers, brokers, the hospitality sector, retailers and international food chains. Apart from a permanent and trusted range of flavourings, you can also come to us for tailor-made solutions for large or small batches.

Freshly baked breadcrumbs

We bake our breadcrumbs in various types, sizes and colours using fresh ingredients in our fully automated production lines. If you enter our factory you will be greeted by the delicious smell of freshly baked bread, just like in a bakery.

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Breadcrumb mixes


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Take our virtual tour

We produce everything in-house at DKB. Take our virtual tour and enter our unsurpassable production environment in the middle of the Netherlands with just one push of the button. We are proud to be able to welcome you digitally to our ECS Paneermeel and MasterMix companies in Terschuur and Barneveld. We distribute our products to about 55 countries around the world from these locations. We use our own modern vehicle fleet and a select group of experienced logistics partners to do this. Explore more in our film.