Batter mixes are mixtures based on flour and starch with possibly added spices and/or functional ingredients. The purpose of these products is to adhere the breadcrumbs.

Battermix Camembert

The battermix Camembert is a specialty batter, which is extremely suitable for coating cheese products.

Battermix Onion Rings

This batter includes wheat and corn flour, as well as herbs/spices. In addition, it gives a beautiful golden yellow crust.

Battermix Potato Snack

This battermix, which includes wheat flour and starch ensures a good adhesion
the breadcrumbs and gives the Potato Snack a nice crunch.

Batter Vegetarian Fish Treat

This batter is also suitable for battering vegetarian products. It consists various ingredients such as several flours, starch and salt.

Battermix B20

This batter also ensures that products get nice and crispy in the oven.

Batter Crunchy Coated Chicken

This battermix is a combination of wheat flour, wheat- and cornstarch and salt.

Batter Fish Treat

A battermix made from various flours, starches and salt.