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‘Our beautiful family business’

I live my dream within our beautiful family business which was founded by my grandfather in 1955. Started at a young age in the production of both factories and now (still) at the helm with my father as a mentor. Because of my experience on the work floor, I know what is going on. Together, Erik and I are a good team and complement each other perfectly. Our mission is therefore very important. Providing customer-specific total solutions for the food industry within a committed and honest organization, where colleagues are central.

DKB Foodsolutions John Dokter

‘My life’s work’

In 1980 my career began at what is now DKB BV and what would later become my life’s work. By then my father-in-law Jan van Veen had been doing his life’s work for 30 years, turning return bread into breadcrumbs. At the age of 22, my wife Arna and I got the first share, this has continued to grow over the years into a warm family business. As parents we are proud and grateful to have found a successor, our son Bjorn officially became co-owner in 2020 he was also 22 at the time. To hand over the baton completely in the long run, we found the perfect companion in Erik van de Brink, with this our company stands like a solid house. I am convinced that our goal of “customer focus” and being there for your staff is guaranteed with this. Confidently building a future of growth, happiness and health!

DKB Foodsolutions Erik van den Brink

‘Focused on the long term’

Putting the customer and employee first is a challenge that suits me like a glove. From our family business with “taste” as an expertise, I want to contribute to a stable, reliable and flexible company with an eye on our vision. “Offering distinctive products in collaboration with the customer in which knowledge, taste and experience are inextricably linked. This by being a real family business, formed locally and focused on long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.


Our account managers

Our sales colleagues translate your issue into the right solution. Whether this consists of filling a tailor-made product request or looking at the right solution for your issue at your location.

DKB Foodsolutions Henk van Egmond (1)

‘Thinking along and operating flexibly’

We are not satisfied until our customers are. Thinking along and operating flexibly is at the heart of this. Every client has a different issue and it is up to us to create an appropriate, lasting solution for this issue.

DKB Foodsolutions Berend van Delft (2)

‘Responding to questions’

By staying in conversation with the (potential) customer and listening to their questions and/or wishes, we try to respond to them with our knowledge and know-how.

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‘Focus on partnership’

We believe it is important to establish long-term relationships with our (potential) customers. We focus on partnership and added value through creativity and knowledge.

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‘Distinctive products’

One of our core values ​​is flexibility. This is reflected in our delivery times, among other things. We strive to offer distinctive products in partnership with you.

DKB Foodsolutions Peter Becker mobile EN

‘A solid, long-term relationship’

Our goal is a solid, long-term and good relationship for sustainable success and good results. Characterized by knowledge, know-how and experience.

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‘Quality of our cooperation’

In sales, we don’t just want to impress with the quality of our products. It is also particularly important for us to convince you of the quality of our support. Please feel free to contact us.