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De Korrel Beheer Mastermix Coastal Southern BBQ Burgers

A world player in delicious products

Whatever the kitchen, you will undoubtedly find a lot of ingredients like herbs, spices, sauces and breadcrumbs Every household, restaurant or producer in the food industry uses them.

They are used so much that you rarely even think about it. Yet, there are different producers around the world that make this possible. We are one of those world players.

By sharing our knowledge and know-how in addition to our products, we create wonderful products together with our customers. In other words, we come up with solutions.

One of our USPs is to also offer tailor-made solutions at this level.


DKB Foodsolutions is the holding company of two brands: ECS Paneermeel Industrie and MasterMix. Unsurprisingly, we market our breadcrumbs under the brand ECS Paneermeelindustrie. All our other products, such as those in the areas of Taste, Coatings and Functional Blends, fall under the MasterMix brand.

As we are very closely involved in the creation of our products, we keep the production completely under our control. Almost all our products are made in our own factories. This is done under the strictest food industry quality standards. As we want to keep the communication lines short, we do not work with agents in Europe. This means that you always have direct contact with the source – us.

To meet the rapidly increasing demand for our products, over the last few years we invested in new corporate and production buildings. We also significantly increased our vehicle fleet.

A picture says a lot more than words alone, so we are pleased to invite you for a virtual tour around our factories. Click on the ‘play’ button in the picture below.